tigers eye beads

Create glamorous jewellery with our selection of tigers eye beads. Tigers eye is a remarkable crystal that displays natural banding. It occurs in a range of brown and gold tones that look very striking and often have a shimmering texture. This makes them perfect for striking jewellery and the golden tones look great next to your skin.

Tiger eye round beads

Size: 18mm, 14mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, 6mm, 4mm

Tiger Eye nugget Beads


Size:4x6mm, 8mmx10mm, 12x16mm

Tiger eye quartz chips

Size: 6mm

Jewelry making tools

You just can't get the job done right without the correct tool! You are sure to find the perfect beading tool or accessory for any endeavor. Our tool and accessory selection ranges from indispensable items such as jewelers pliers and wire cutters to glues and etching solutions. Craft elegant wire jewelry designs with our wire wrapping jigs or the most intricate seed bead project with magnification tools and knotting awls or beading looms.

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Boxes & Pouches

We stock a range of plastic and velour boxes as well as a number of pouches for keeping your completed jewellery in.

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